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Android Jetpack:

One of the recently launched mobile app development technologies, which is increasingly becoming popular among mobile app developers is Android Jetpack. It is essentially a set of Android software components, tools, and best practices, making it easier for developers to build high quality, robust Android apps in a very short span of time. Make sure to add this handy tool to your set of latest mobile app development technologies if you want to develop some really great Android apps.


While Java has always been the primary language for developing Android applications, Kotlin – a statically typed programming language – is one among the revolutionary mobile app development technologies that are being used for developing modern Android applications today. Addressing all the limitations of Java


Created by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile app development SDK used to craft high-quality, cross-platform native interfaces for Android and iOS platforms. Instead of JavaScript, Flutter makes use of Dart, a relatively new programming language, to help developers build native interfaces in minutes. Owing to its flexibility in development, it has become one of the most popular and widely used mobile app development technologies today.

React Native:

Another addition to this informative list of mobile app development technologies is React Native – an open-source framework developed by Facebook to help developers build cross-platform native mobile apps using only JavaScript and ReactJS. Cross-platform Android and iOS apps developed with React Native feel, look, and function exactly like native apps, making React Native one of the most sought-after mobile app development technologies today.Also Read: React Native vs Native App Development- A Fair Comparison


Fabric is a beautiful app development platform designed to give your mobile app development team a complete understanding of how your app is doing, in real time and at every stage. From development to deployment and beyond, Fabric automates everything to help developers build better apps faster. The ability to bring together award-winning services such as Answers, Crashlytics, AdMob, and fastlane in one place is what makes Fabric one of the most preferred mobile app development technologies among developers.


If you’re a kind of developer who always has to write a lot of code, this AI-powered tool is going to simplify your life. Providing you with a fantastic way to code faster and smarter with fewer errors, Codota saves you a lot of development time and efforts. The only limitation of Codota is that it currently integrates with the Java IDEs, such as IntelliJ or Android Studio. However, according to the official Codota site, Codota will be supporting more mobile app development technologies in the near future.


Although we’re talking about mobile app development technologies in this blog post, we couldn’t overlook adding this great design tool to our list of trending mobile app development technologies. Self-proclaimed as the first browser-based interface design tool, Figma facilitates both designers and developers to create fully-functional user interfaces for their mobile apps. So if you’re a developer cum designer, be sure to add this handy tool to your stack of latest mobile app development technologies.


Developed and maintained by Google, Firebase is a comprehensive set of different mobile app development technologies that help developers build visually appealing and feature-rich mobile apps faster without compromising the app quality. Supporting both Android and iOS, Firebase is considered one of the best mobile app development technologies for building apps integrated with a real-time database. As a start, you can try out Firebase free ‘Spark’ Plan that offers up to 5GB storage with limited features.

Some important questions that cross the users mind while installing Apps on their smartphones include:

  • Can the app keep private data secure?
  • Is it possible for someone to hack into an individual’s data that is stored in the app?
  • How much data does an app need?
  • Will these apps drain resources and slow down one’s phone?
  • Will these apps drain resources and slow down one’s phone?

Mobile app development companies need to address these concerns if they wish to succeed. According to the Gartner report, the debate on security has shifted from being compliant, to adopting the right security measures in the year 2019. Mobile apps that can convince the users that they have taken care of their security can only succeed in this domain.



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