“Hello Joomla ! What's in 3.9.10? What’s new in front Page? ”

EVO frontpage is a powerful module for Joomla that shows articles with thumbnail at side (if you want) with a very nice style. It is fully customizable to configure WHAT and HOW it must be displayed.

Joomla 3.9.10 is fixing one bug introduced into Joomla 3.9.9 which affects the template styles of multilingual sites and results in lost data.IMPORTANT information for users who have already updated to 3.9.9 and faced this issue.

Due to a bad sql update, the template style mapping to content languages has been lost. Unfortunately, this is an unrecoverable error.You must either:

  • Restore the data manually by upgrading to Joomla 3.9.10 and then manually editing each template style and using the "Default" Field to the language required
  • Or restore a 3.9.8 backup of your sites to recover the data before updating to Joomla 3.9.10.

We would like to take a moment to apologize to our users. Whilst we understand that a release which introduces a major bug is always serious - in this case the bug involved actual data loss from sites, this is a red flag for us. We are going to pause and look at how we can improve our release and testing strategies and report back to our users when this is complete, detailing how we aim to improve in the future.

At this early point though we can confirm that this bug was introduced during the development of 3.9.9 and unfortunately was not picked up in the week between the 3.9.9 Release Candidate and the 3.9.9 stable release.

CW NEWS 2.0 has been released, bringing a lot of new cool stuff!!!Features:

  • No problems with SEF
  • Multiple responsive layout template styles - news, accordion, gallery, portfolio, cards
  • Unique Item Wireframe builder - you can set wireframe by Drag n Drop blocks in module Layout settings.
  • **Caching **module content is Fully applied, including individual time validity for cached thumbnails - highly improvind loading time
  • Thumbnail generator with inteligent cropping
  • Ajax Load More button for loading more articles on the fly. Available for some layouts.



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