Why You Might Need to Redesign Your WordPress Website?

Oh my God! This wordpress is becoming more and more popular!

Why You Might Need to Redesign Your WordPress Website?

There are a lot of reasons it makes sense to freshen up your website from time to time. In some cases, your site might even warrant a full makeover.

Today, however, things have changed. So much changed that even doing significant changes on your website doesn’t get you any benefits. Web content developers today prefer to ride the trends because that makes them different and readers want to visit websites that look different.

Lets see where wordpress is going on!

Wordpress 9 is already in beta and is expected to be released soon. This version includes fixes and improvements to the 4.8 release. Users can expect to see improvements in editing code, managing themes, managing plugins, and easier customizations. These improvements will help developers in addition to website administrators. These improvements are exciting as ease-of-use is one of the most important aspects of WordPress for our clients. Once we create a website, we want to empower our clients to make website changes on their own as their business grows.

These are new!

WordPress Video Headers

It’s no secret that video will dominate web design in 2018. Video headers and backgrounds might not be “new”, but it is becoming trendy in the web design world. Luckily, WordPress makes it easy to get on board with this trend by offering themes that feature video headers. Here are a few examples:Inspiro, Naila ( single page theme with an optional full screen video back ground), Balzac ( Responsive theme with full video support)

Sticky Elements

We are already seeing designs that move away from obtrusive pop-ups. Visitors are increasingly ignoring pop-ups, especially when they see them across a wide array of websites. It makes sense to adopt more subtle, less obtrusive pop-ups.We have already started seeing designers do away with pop-ups that are extremely obtrusive. With visitors ignoring pop-ups as a result of coming across them on a different website, the use of out-of-the-way pop-ups is a smart choice. This is among the top trends we are likely to see in 2019. However, instead of using the usual pop-up design, we expect to see sticky bars at the top and bottom of websites for elements beyond promotions.

One-page sites are very popular for their streamlined, minimalistic style. Thus, if you are promoting a product or service in 2019, you might want to investigate this style of landing page for your business. When you have a website with fewer pages, this will make it more focused on visitors. Therefore in 2019, we are likely to see sites with a minimal number of pages and buttons in WordPress.

Say bye-bye to the sidebar layouts as the DRAG and Drop in widgets are making their presence felt across the internet. They provide a wide range of flexibility to the developers in presenting the content

WordPress continues to grow in popularity around the globe as the platform of choice for websites. Currently, 27.5% of all websites worldwide use WordPress. What will 2019 look like in trends for WordPress?

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