Who? and How i help you in iOS development ?

Who? and How i help you in iOS development ? X code! Call 713 417 7472

I help you find the best way to design, develop, and deploy your app. I have the expertise and experience to be able to guide your smartphone app development process from start to finish. I take mobile development very seriously. Creating unique, rich, and immersive user experiences for your app is MY focus and passion.

Lets see what happening in industry !

Apple announced Xcode 10 with a full list of the new features for iOS developers. The most noticeable feature of Xcode 10 is a dark mode with macOS Mojave. With Xcode 10, Developers can enjoy writing code in the dark mode. Xcode 10 obviously shipped with all the iOS 12 simulators and can build an app on the newly launched device. Other important features launched with Xcode 10 are multi-line editing, code snippets for the other languages like Ruby, Python etc. Last year, Apple announced integrated support for GIT within Xcode. This year with Xcode 10, we will have support for GIT LAB. You can check all the new features in the Xcode 1 NOTES Xcode 10 shipped with Swift 4.2 but we can use Swift toolchains to switch between the Swift versions.

  • As xccov has been launched with Xcode 9.3.
  • Parallel Testing features of Xcode 10 has been announced in the Xcode 10

Note of the day: To ensure that customers understand how their data will be used, you must provide a link in the Privacy Policy URL field in iTunes if a privacy policy is required by law in your country or if your app does any of the following:

  • Accesses user or device data
  • Offers an account registration process
  • Accesses a user’s existing account
  • Uses the HomeKit Framework or HealthKit Framework
  • Integrates Apple Pay
  • Includes keyboard extensions
  • Contains auto-renewable subscriptions or free subscriptions
  • Appears in the Kids Category

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